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Sara Thornton, chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, told the Home Affairs Committee flat cash settlements offered by the Government had left forces having to “absorb inflation and pay rises” and make cuts accordingly.Dee Collins, the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, said she was seeing additional problems in attracting new officers potentially put off the career by the mounting challenges.“There is a really big discussion to have in society about how we deal with this that is much more than law enforcement.“Of course it makes us all feel deeply uncomfortable to think that people who have that involvement in those activities should in any shape or form escape punishment, but the scale of it is just absolutely huge.” When asked about controversial proposals to give convicted paedophiles who view images online compulsory counselling and rehabilitation programmes, rather than prison sentences, he said “prosecution is not the answer on its own”.Mr Thompson believes the online activity has become a form of “volume crime”, like muggings, burglary and car crime, which are most commonly seen across the UK.

Among the key issues was the strain put on forces by the response to recent terror attacks and prevention work, as well as funding levels and models.

“I am staggered by what I see in terms of the operations the force carries out on the peer-to-peer sharing of images and more sensitive covert policing techniques we carry out,” he told MPs.

“The amount of men in this country who appear to show an active interest in this area is horrifying and the scale of it takes my breath away.

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